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Do you need cheap GTIN/EAN/UPC barcodes for your brand, to list on Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, list music on iTunes or all of the above?

If you have your own brand, sell Unbranded or OEM / ODM products then the answer is YES!

Whether you sell on or offline, barcodes are a major advantage when it comes to reselling your products at retail or wholesale


When selling online, a barcode helps your brand and your all important bottom line by opening up the full potential of your product(s), even when sellign OEM / ODM products, you can add your name and brand it as your own, if you sell retail, you can open up further advantages of listing on Amazon, indexing your products on Google shopping, and even eBay prefer that items are listed using barcodes, even if you are an app developer, sell ringtones or music and wish to sell via iTunes, then you will also need to have them.


When selling offline, a barcode is needed by retailers in order that your product(s) and price(s) can quickly and easily be recognized at checkout using a scanner and POS (point of sale) system.

Other advantages:

Whether you are are a wholesaler and sell in bulk or a retailer, by adding your own barcodes to your products, this will open up more doors, giving more avenues which your product(s) can be sold from, therefore, increasing brand awareness and that all important turnover.

They can also be used for easier stock management, even in a warehouse to scan items in and out of the system, again this can benefit on both a retail and wholesale level.

So, how many do I need?

You should use one barcode per product or variant, for example, if you sell a T-Shirt in 4 colours and a choice of 3 sizes in each colour you would need 12 barcodes, one for each variation

Do you want to save on a costly registration fee and then an annual recurring payment for your own GS1 subscription?

This is where we come in!

No Costly Membership or Renewal Fees - You Own Your Barcodes for Life!!!

We are selling internationally recognised, authentic GS1 Compliant Barcodes / EAN-13 Numbers from as little as 50p each!

All barcodes offered were issued by the UCC - the Uniform Code Council (now known as GS1-US). They were purchased in bulk at a lower cost to enable them to be sold on cheaply in smaller quantities

Need the 12 digit UPC?  this is the same number just remove the first zero!


FREE Image and Branding on ALL Barcodes!!!

That's right, for each barcode you buy you can immediately download the number(s) in a list, but if requested you can also get the barcode image(s) with your (text) brand name (up to 20 characters including spaces) absolutely FREE!

Please note: The FREE BRANDING offer is for your brand / trading name only, which would be the same name below all of your barcodes regardless of quantity


*Not to be used for books or pharmaceutical goods

All barcode numbers are available for instant download via your account upon completion of checkout so you can get listing straight away, however please note that if requesting images this must be requested via email, where we will process your request for free as soon as possible!

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