Sorry BayDemon has now closed

Why is this?
Dear Customers,

We have heard that (Amazon US), are changing their requirements for UPC/EAN numbers to be supplied solely by GS1 directly, and that resellers new and "own brand" product(s) will need to be registered on the GS1 database for verification purposes, unfortunately this even applies to "one off" products if you would require to sell on (US).

To the best of our knowledge this only currently applies to the US website and does not yet apply to the and other local countries or TLD's, therefore according to the information that we have available this should not currently affect the majority of our customers who do not list on Amazon US, however in general it is only a matter of time before any new requirement will spread across to the other Amazon sites, however as mentioned, in the meantime if you have recently purchased second user "reseller" barcodes, indications show that these can still currently be used on Amazons other sites (.com (US) excluded), though we are unsure as to how long for.

Therefore it is with great regret that as our EAN numbers were a large and integral part of our business here at BayDemon, we have decided to close the website, even though we have closed it early and it seems that reseller codes can still currently be used on local Amazon websites (at time of writing), we do not know if or when this change may come to these other sites, and I would personally find it unethical to continue selling barcode numbers knowing this.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused and all the best in your future business!


BayDemon Support

P.S. We have attempted to email all of our customers with this information, but realise that sometimes as with any business all emails may not be sucessfully delivered, thererefore we decided to also leave this notice on our website for no less than one month before removing it completely to ensure that our regular customers can see it.